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When you need help with your heating and air conditioning or plumbing, call Pennsburg’s best HVAC service. Hamilton Mechanical is an HVAC company that installs, replaces, and fixes HVAC systems for businesses and homes. Additionally, we also offer plumbing services for our clients. We’ve built up our expertise for decades working with a variety of buildings in the area, including older homes. Choose us to make sure your space stays comfortable while avoiding additional costs.

An HVAC Unit Being Repaired
Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Montgomery County

A Full Service HVAC Installation Company

Hamilton Mechanical’s years of experience have taught us how to work with a variety of HVAC units. We offer a complete range of HVAC installation services to meet the needs of any building year round. These heating and cooling system services include:

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning installation includes selecting the right unit, ensuring proper placement and setup for optimal cooling and energy use. A correct AC installation not only cools your space but also reduces humidity.

Central Air Installation

Central air installation involves careful assessment of your area’s layout. We ensure even air distribution, selection of an appropriately sized unit, and expert installation. Properly installed central air systems offer uniform cooling and enhanced comfort. They can be more energy-efficient than individual cooling units.

Heating Installation

Heating installation encompasses setting up a system that consistently and efficiently warms your space. It involves selecting the right type of heater based on your needs. The heater must be correctly sized for your area and installed properly for optimal performance and energy efficiency. A well-executed heating installation provides reliable warmth and can contribute to reduced energy consumption during colder months.

HVAC Ducting being repaired
Furnace and Insulated Heating Ducts in Basement

Gas Furnace Installation

Gas furnace installation requires careful selection of a furnace that matches your space’s size and heating needs. With precise installation, we ensure safe and effective operation. Proper installation of a gas furnace provides reliable warmth in your home or business environment.

Electric Furnace Installation

Proper installation is the key to efficient and consistent heating performance. The benefits typically include lower initial installation costs and reduced maintenance concerns compared to gas furnaces.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation involves placing a dual-function system that can both heat and cool your space. We select the right type and size of heat pump for your needs, considering factors like climate, space size, and energy efficiency. Proper installation is important for getting the most out of heat pumps, which controls the climate all year round with one unit.

Comprehensive HVAC Repair & Replacement

Hamilton Mechanical’s team can also provide HVAC replacements and repairs. If you have air ducts, our technicians can evaluate your existing ductwork. We will determine the best course of action for your ducted system. Our heating and air conditioning repair and replacement services include:

Heating Repair & Heater Replacement

Heating repair and heater replacement services focus on diagnosing and fixing issues with your existing heating system. This can extend its lifespan and improve efficiency. When repairs are no longer viable, we assess your space to select an appropriate new heating system. We make sure that it fits your needs and budget.

Heating System Repair
Bosch HVAC outdoor hvac unit

AC Repair & Air Conditioning Replacement

AC repair and air conditioning replacement services involve troubleshooting and resolving issues with your existing air conditioning unit, enhancing its performance and longevity. This process includes evaluating your space to determine the best replacement unit. We will meet your cooling needs, space requirements, and energy efficiency goals, delivering a cost-effective climate control solution.

Furnace Repair & Furnace Replacement

Furnace repair and replacement involves identifying and fixing problems with your existing furnace to restore its functionality and efficiency. When a furnace reaches the end of its lifespan or repairs become too costly, replacement is necessary. Furnace replacement entails choosing a new furnace that meets your heating requirements and energy goals.

Resolve Plumbing Problems With Our Handy Plumber

Our plumbing services include the repair of leaks, the installation and maintenance of pipes, fixtures, and water systems. Additionally, we manage drainage and sewage systems. Regular maintenance of plumbing systems is also important to prevent potential issues and ensure their long-term operation. This contributes to the overall health and hygiene of the premises, playing a crucial role in conserving water and minimizing waste.

One of our skilled technicians soldering pipe during an HVAC Maintenance visit
One of our technicians repairing the wiring of an AC Unit

Save Money with Hamilton Mechanical

Hire us for your heating and air conditioning needs to save yourself money in the long run. By having an efficient HVAC system, you can also reduce your utility bills. We can cool and heat your home at an affordable, budget-friendly price.

Energy Efficient Tax Credits and Rebates

A new energy efficient HVAC system can lead to even more savings. Immediately, you will start saving on your energy bill. Additionally, the IRS offers energy saving tax credit and rebates. To see the IRS requirements and check to see if you qualify, click this link.

We Can Exceed Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Save money and upgrade your system by calling Hamilton Mechanical HVAC today!

Life in Pennsburg, PA

Pennsburg is a borough of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Incorporated in 1888, it runs along route 29 with Red Hill and East Greenville. Collectively, the towns are referred to as Upper Perk. The area has a hot-summer, humid continental climate. Average monthly temperatures range from 29.9F in January to 74.6F in July. The town is celebrated for having Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center as well as Green Lane Park

  • Incorporated: 1888
  • Area: 0.80 sq mi
  • Population: 3,911 (2021)
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